Network Development and Building Community Resilience

We are only prepared as our NETWORK of resources and connections.

Logistics is where emergency management connects and interacts with business and community.

Community is the heart of human and physical resources and amenities. There is so much that is often unknown by those responsible for emergency management.  

Anyone can become a network catalyst in the community. While it makes sense for the local emergency management organization to start the ball rolling, it can happen from the business and community sectors as well.

EMLCanada is a partner/trusted colleague/supporter/facilitator of building local networks that improve community capacity and enhance resilience.


The Community Resilience Initiative (CRI) enables EMLNetwork businesses the opportunity to sponsor community and local organizations to join the EMLPlatform.

This enterprising initiative creates further building local capacity and enhancing community resilience.

Businesses support and sponsor community plan profiles in regions across the country, is our way of encouraging the inclusion of this crucial piece of the disaster response puzzle.

This pay it forward act results in greater access to volunteer resources, amenities, facilities, social services, and other critical supports – to help when it’s needed most!


CRI sponsorships cover the nominal $29 annual listing fees for local groups and organizations.

A special coupon code is issued that can be used by the organizations during their signup process – it’s as simple as that.

We take it from there.

We believe in this initiative so much that we felt a way to kick start this community building is by giving all businesses a certain number of sponsored community profiles, valued at $29 per year!

Through this opportunity, they can extend the sponsored listings to their connections within communities they serve, or to local groups they believe should be part of the EMLNetwork. The can pay it forward.

They invite them to join, we connect them to the emergency management organizations, and the increased response capacity ensues.

Businesses can purchase additional CRI bundles.
We work with them to then invite community organizations to build their own profiles on the EMLPlatform.

Community Resilience Initiative

Grow the Network
  • Starter Bundle - 20 profiles for $580
  • Enhanced Bundle - 30 profiles for $825
  • Builder Bundle - 40 profiles for $1000