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The Need for Resources

Every community in Canada is required to have a current and relevant resource list of a range of products and services to support their disaster management efforts.

It sounds easy, but it's a real challenge to know what's available, and then to keep this list current.

Emergency management organizations (EMOs) need to know about businesses that can supply critical resources and services to support their disaster planning, response, and recovery efforts in their communities. 

A New Way to Find Resources

Now there IS an easy way to help this situation.

By joining the EMLPlatform, a shared online resource network, Canadian businesses connect directly with community responders or (EMOs) across the country. 

It's a customized logistics tool where EMOs can see you promoted in the Marketplace, and/or search and find you to then easily select you to their resource list.

You Have What's Needed

You may be surprised to learn the range of required resources is vast for community responders to be fully prepared and respond with confidence.

Examples include: accommodations, heavy equipment, drones, remediation, animal care, ATVs, lighting, porta-potties, fencing, catering, clothing, and stationary supplies, to mention a few!

Decide to help EMOs prepare and respond for disaster situations, and ultimately, help communities recover and become more resilient.

Join the platform, so they know about you, and can select you to their resource list.

Trusted Businesses Aid Responses

You are a trusted business, with products and services that support community responses and make a difference.

Quick and efficient access to products and services during an emergency saves time, money, property, and even lives.

You may already be noted on a several resource lists, but now you can be considered for many more.

Starting Connecting Now

Situations will happen that require either local and/or shared resources, fast.

Every second counts, so an actual event is NOT the time to start building relationships and learning where to find resources.

Now is the BEST time for EMOs to discover what's available locally, and beyond, and ensure they have updated information to make contact when needed.

Importance of Staying Current

Communities need their list to be current at all times, but don't have the staff time to stay on top of that requirement. This is a key driver in our list management service.

ALL EMLPlatform members receive regular reminders to stay up-to-date and new additions to the directory. 

You have 24/7 access to your profile and the ability to make changes anytime to ensure you can be contacted when needed.

With your participation, you can now help EMOs, even those with lists in great shape, current!

Be a Verified Resource

Choose your plan, join the network, then build and maintain your paid profile - we'll review and verify it to show you're a legitimate business. 

Add your certifications, and affiliations! Showcase your resources so regional, provincial, and national emergency management networks can better support disaster preparations, response, and recovery.

Let key decision makers and logistics teams across Canada take advantage of your resources using the EMLPlatform as a new way of managing their lists!

Gear Up for Growth

If you are a larger business, that serves over a 100 km radius, the Marketplace will showcase you to emergency management organizations in your region, province, and across Canada – we help you grow your business, no matter your scope.

With eight (8) emergency response-related business categories and 80+ sub-specialties to choose from, you can help EMOs quickly find your products and services.

Your paid profile on the EMLPlatform enables you to publish custom content that will appear in the Marketplace to showcase your products and services.

Helping Local Efforts

We know local businesses also want to help their community when the next disaster happens.

We've created the FREE Basic Business Contact listing option to help small businesses better connect with their local emergency management organizations (EMOs).

Indicate the primary community you wish to serve, and we'll let them know about you.

Discover these Membership Benefits

Expand your market

Get on more resource lists - in your community, region, province, or nationally - discover their procurement guidelines ahead of time.

Showcase your services

Unlimited keywords, and you can publish custom content to feature your specialized resources. An effective way to be discovered.

Resource list

Leverage your connections

The majority of emergency management professionals hold multiple roles, so they may need your services outside of disasters.

Regular update reminders

Bi-monthly Stay Current reminders can cue you to login to your account, update your profile, publish new content, and see what's new.

Automated notifications

When responders post an activation all of their selected contacts get notified, so you don't miss an opportunity to help if you can.

Improving Disaster Response and Resource Planning

“In Alberta, local jurisdictions are primarily responsible for local disasters. 

Having access to local resources is critical for early response and the EMLPlatform is an innovation that can improve local capacity and resilience.

As the Central Alberta region builds a collaborative network, it will improve the ability for AEMA to provide supports using local resources.”

Stephen LacroixStephen LacroixAssistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Emergency Management Agency

“Emergency management requires community support, continuous improvement, and planning upgrades to keep pace with changing cultures, environments, technologies, and public needs. 

EMLCanada could easily be the most powerful tool in our emergency preparedness, response, and recovery toolkit that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way that we – and other EMOs – source and procure emergency resources.”

Dave BrandDave BrandRed Deer County Director of Community Services, Protective Services & Emergency Management

“We are excited to support this Central Alberta pilot project. Strengthening relationships between local emergency management organizations and businesses will result in better preparation, response, and recovery. 

Local businesses want to lend a hand when our communities are in need – this is an easy and effective way to build bridges.”

Scott RobinsonScott RobinsonChief Executive Officer, Red Deer and District Chamber of Commerce

Embracing a New Way of Managing and Growing Resource Lists

Get verified and selected. Receive reviews and updates.

Profile Verification
As a PAID plan member, once you are verified as being an authentic business, a badge is added to your profile.

Quality Service Provider
Platform members can write reviews about your business to reinforce your service delivery standards.

Profile features

Selected By Tab
Your profile has a 'Selected By' tab to show you the other members who have added you to their contact list.

Last Update Tool
Members can see the last time your profile was updated - another reason to login regularly and keep current!


Harness the power of the EMLPlatform

More than a directory, it’s a space for promotion, connection, and innovative resource list management. Unlimited keywords and specialities increase your search results. 


Custom tools and targeted approach

EMOs can search and filter the Marketplace features and use custom logistics tools to find you. Direct exposure and access to buyers not only in your region, but other markets.

Strategically designed with purpose

Categories align with established emergency response protocols. Access 24/7 to update your profile - members receive regular reminders EMOs have access to current information, always.